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Welcome to The Abyss

This is a blog dedicated to a solo-play that I’ve been doing, since I’m without a group at the moment.

The system is still a work in progress, but will be in the Microlight20 family. The setting is my own, created “at the table” and “on the fly”. It’s strongly influenced by sword and sorcery, but with some D&D and general fantasy tropes tossed in. But more often than not, when those influences conflict, I’ll be leaning toward S&S.

Regarding the game, I’m going for an old school vibe, with modernized mechanics, centered around a randomly created megadungeon. To the reader, the mechanics will mostly be invisible: the entries will read more like fiction than a report about what happened at the table.

As for the setting, I’m going for a Crusader era, near-East, Byzantine style vibe. Since I’m no historian, my setting will doubtlessly be full of unintentional anachronism. As far as intentional anachronism goes, pantheism still reigns, there’s elves and dwarves and dragons, and so forth. I’m not trying to create historical fiction here.

As time permits, I’ll post maps periodically, but don’t expect anything spectacular, as my graphics skills are pretty weak. On the other hand, who doesn’t like new, custom made and annotated dungeon maps, eh?

Home Page

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